This Label Has Sustainable Dresses, Perfect For Both Work & Date Nights

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Venn, an online womenswear label, retails great dresses and tops that are made out of sustainable fabrics and tailored to fit just as well. This brand follows the design ideology of tailoring sustainable fabrics to a smart and sharp fit. Mostly, what we see is that a lot of sustainable fashion houses or labels have garments that are quite easy-breezy and boho-esque in their fit. Venn has ventured out to change that.

    The label creates wonderful shift dresses, maxis, turtle-neck dresses, minimal wrap tops, and white shirts too. They have five collections - handloom, solids, hand block printed, recycled polyester, and plaid. The names are self-explanatory and we personally like Venn's solid-coloured collection. It's super versatile; anything from this collection can be worn in office and then to a dinner date as well. Prices for the solids collection start at INR 1,680.

    Venn's plus point is that they have really well-structured dresses despite the fact that they're made from soft, flow-y cotton (that's a sheer sign of good design). Also, the word structure shouldn't convey a lack of fun. They've got a few dresses with ruffled ends as well. 


    Don't forget to check out Venn's thrift store collection that has pre-owned blazers, jeans, dresses, curtains, and shorts in fabulous condition and at a fraction of the cost of a new piece. Save money and save the environment.

      Available Online