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Vindaloo For Two {Or More}? Call The Godinho's For Your Next Big Party


G Town is famous for many things {like breweries} and one of them has got to be the number options for home delivery of food in bulk. The latest party-perfect catering option is The Godinho’s that brings you Goan and Anglo-Indian dishes by the kilo!

Let’s Get This Party Started

Whether it’s with wine, scotch or cocktails, every party needs a host of starters and The Godinho’s has appetisers that make for perfect bar bites. We love the sound of their Bacon Wrapped Sausages and the Goan staple, Slow Cooked Roast which they serve with a mustard dip.

For vegetarians, they have Potato Sliders and a rather surprising, but yum, Vietnamese Vegetable Rolls. The salads are rather continental but who can say no to Watermelon Feta especially since summer is round the corner.

Go Goa

Embrace the Goan fare with their stellar Vindaloo {juicy pork marinated in their special rub, kept overnight and then cooked in a thick spicy gravy}; they offer the option of both pork and chicken. The Caldeen, a yellow coconut curry, can be ordered with fish, chicken or vegetables and the Coconut Chicken Curry is where chicken works best.

For an Anglo-Indian fix, try the Glacie Curry, a hearty mix of pork, sausages and potatoes. They also have Pork Chops and Crab Masala, lest you miss the beach too much! If you want to mix things up then, try their Thai Curry, Hyderabadi Biryani and Irish Stew too. Finish with Fruit Cream for the ultimate nostalgia trip.

So, We’re Saying...

The next time you have a party, don’t sweat it out in the kitchen; let The Godinho’s cater your meal. It’ll be unforgettable.

Delivery Services

The Godinho's