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Volunteer With Us at Weekender & Palate Fest!

Ipsita posted on 13th November

With the number of awesome fests & festivals that have happened this season, we've been running {& leaping} from one end to the other to get things done! As much as we love our job, it never hurts to have some awesome folks help us out, and this is is where y'all come in.

Raise your hand!

There’s no experience or degree we ask for, just lots of enthusiasm, a penchant to work hard {and play hard!}, and the stomach for bad jokes {tee hee}. If you tick all these boxes, come help us out; we’ll give you a volunteer certificate, plus some kickass LBB goodies to take home!

We’re presently only looking for folks to volunteer with us at Weekender & Palate Fest, but if you're looking to work with us another time as well, feel free to sign up. We’ll be in touch.