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    Nominate A Woman Who Inspires You; Get Her Featured In Our #WYOLOWomen Catalogue And Win Exciting Giveaways

    Srilaxmi posted on 19 March


    We all know phenomenal women who deserve to be celebrated every day. Women’s Day or not, each of these women deserve to be acknowledged for spreading their shine. 

    Have a woman in your life who’s a total inspiration? Who’s smashing the glass ceiling, excelling at her work, or creating something awesome? We are giving her a chance to get featured with some of the leading women in our country across various walks of life.

    The W And LivaEco Catalogue: All You Need To Know

    W, known for its exquisite Indian wear and LivaEco, a brand that’s driving fashion through sustainability is teaming up to launch a collection like never before. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but they are also environment-friendly. If you’ve been closely tracking social media lingo, the term YOLO is sure to ring a bell in your heads - You Only Live Once. W in association with LivaEco has come up with a range of clothing that is not only fashionable but also gives back to the environment. Each piece of YOLO clothing is conceived out of 100% sustainable forestry, requires the lowest water consumption, emits lowest greenhouse gas and has the fastest biodegradability. If this isn’t awesome enough, it also provides consumers the ability to track the source of each fabric. With this niche concept, W and LivaEco are bringing ethical fashion right at your doorstep, keeping you away from the dilemma of choosing between style and sustainability.

    Get Fashionable, Get Featured

    W and LivaEco is coming up with a catalogue featuring 15 women who are inspiring lives every day. Featuring inspirational women from across industries, the catalogue gives a brief look into the remarkable work they are putting out. Know a woman who inspires you every day? What if we told you that you can get her featured in the catalogue too with other influencers? Yes, that’s right! 

    We are featuring 5 AWESOME, powerhouse women in our first ever #WYOLOWomen catalogue, in beautiful W and LivaEco clothing. Apart from this, we are also giving away exciting goodies from W and LivaEco so go all out and send us your nominations. All you’ve gotta do is nominate the most inspiring woman you know in the registration link below and tell us what about her inspires you. All set?

    The 5 chosen winners will then be styled in W and LivaEco clothing. Further, they will be photographed to be featured in the catalogue, along with other incredible women… ending with a day of celebrations on the 27th of March. Don’t forget to keep a watch out on if you’ve won some exciting goodies from W and LivaEco.

    Please access the registration link for nomination here.

    So, We’re Saying…

    A once in a lifetime chance to share space with the most inspirational women in our country - drop in your nomination now! 

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