Get Transported Straight To Darjeeling With This Premium Tea!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chaipatti's range of premium tea specialises in exotic black, green, oolong, white, and masala tea. This is a contemporary tea brand that brings the finest whole leaf teas and exotic blends from India to your teacup. Brewed with love and passion, Chaipatti endeavours to create a tea culture with the help of a refreshing cup of tea which is rich in aroma, colour and taste.

This brand’s incredibly flavourful masala teas are infused with herbs and spices. It is a must-have for chai lovers. Their Darjeeling green tea is subtle and has a calming aroma & taste. It not only helps to improve your overall health but also makes you feel fresh and active.

Fresh and well preserved, their tea will remind you of the authentic Darjeeling taste and aroma. They also offer to gift tea packs and Darjeeling Tea Happiness box which are great options for Corporate and wedding gifting.

Delivery available all across the globe.

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