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A Real Page-Turner: Meet Your Next Favourite Book Online At These 7 Websites For Free E-Books

We know that nothing can match up to the smell of a brand new paperback title or the beautiful messages of previous readers on pre-loved books, but for the times when you don’t want to lug around heavy books, are short on space or don’t have the money to buy one, downloading a free e-book could probably be your best bet. We’ve shortlisted a few {don’t worry, they’re legal} websites with a huge collection of free titles, so all booked up for the weekend maybe?


If you’re a bibliophile, it is unlikely that you wouldn’t have heard of goodreads. It is one of the most popular reading communities that lets people track their reading habits, follow and contact authors they love, share book recommendations, write reviews and yes, gives them access to thousands of free e-books. We particularly love goodreads for their vast collection of free classic e-books and if you’re lucky, you can also get free hard copies through their giveaway programs.

Make an account on goodreads already, we promise you won’t regret it.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg which is sustained through fundraisers and volunteers offers more than 54,000 free e-books in a variety of languages. The e-books can be downloaded in EPUB, HTML, Kindle and plain text formats and requires no fee or registration {woot woot}. Browse by categories {that are endless}, authors, popular downloads or latest uploads, this website has a lot to offer.

Read Any Book

Sign up for  for free and browse through both non-fiction and fiction categories to find the perfect book to keep you occupied. We’re pretty sure that you will particularly love the range of free e-book series that Read Any Book  has to offer. We found a series of Dan Brown’s novels, George R.R. Martin novels {A Song of Ice & Fire} and even The Hunger Game series available for free downloads.

Open Library

Open Library is a website that lets people have access to over 1 million free e-books and in numerous editions too {we found 277 editions of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!}. Kindle users will be glad to know that open library also has a “send to kindle” option, so you can save yourself a few clicks and get the books transferred directly. Register yourself for free and open up a treasure trove of knowledge.


ManyBooks is a library of more than 30,000 free e-books, offered in an impressive number of formats like PDF, HTML, ePub, Kindle, Mobipocket and more. The book description on this website also includes details like reading ease, word count and excerpts {among other things}, so that you can take an informed decision about which books to read. It also has a clean and well-organised interface.


From popular books to classics and everything in between, Kobo has more than 5 million titles out of which over 1 million e-books are free.  You can even download the Kobo reading app available on Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and more devices.


From fiction, non-fiction {of all sorts like advertising, business, health} and academic books to audiobooks for both children and adults to even magazine, Free E-Books is as vast as the world of literature itself. You can also browse through this website’s curated lists like the latest arrivals, featured, fairy tales, epic books and more to help you narrow down on what to read next.