The highlight of our week was most certainly the Gastro Bazaar! The turnout was great, and it went off just as well as we’d hoped. In other news, there’s been a lot of working, a little indulging and a general contentment about life in our beloved city.

Gastro_Bazaar_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Gastro Bazaar | We joined hands with Monkey Bar this past week to bring to you a feast of food! We munched, chatted and competed at our Gastro Bazaar on Sunday. The sun was shining, the variety of food was extensive, and the eaters in our contests were healthily competitive, so we’d say it was definitely a day well-spent.

Prateek_Kuhad_Shantanu_Pandit_Akshara This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Mellow Tunes | We caught Prateek Kuhad’s album release show at Akshara Theatre, with an opening act by Shantanu Pandit. It was freezing outdoors, but the beautifully done up stage and the warm melodies floating our way made it absolutely worth it.

India_art_fair_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

India Art Fair | Along with feasting on some delish food this week, we also fed our soul and our eyes at the India Art Fair, with the wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures and installations.

Color_me_diva_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Colour Me Diva | We were browsing around our favourite market – Meharchand, and we found out there’s a Diva opening up there! Definitely an exciting addition to the already burgeoning market.

Lean_cuisine_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Lean Cuisine | Who said healthy food can’t be absolutely delicious? We regularly indulge in Lean Chef’s minimal calorie offerings, and they are heavenly.

Another_crax_in_the_wall_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Another Crax in The Wall | We’ve been working round the clock, which is only possible if we keep fueling our energy banks. Crax happens to be one of our favourite guilty pleasures. One for each staff member?

Downtime_in_dusit_this_week_at_LBB_flurry_of_feasts This Week At LBB | A Flurry of Feasts

Downtime at Dusit | Here at LBB, we strongly believe that you work hard and play hard. We spent a lazy evening at Dusit to compensate for the hectic work week we’ve had.

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