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This Week at LBB | Diwali Celebrations, Draupadi meets Sita & Mini Turtles at the Zoo

Editors posted on 9th November

This week has been a lot of fun and filled with surprises we are still in awe of. The nip in the air has made this the perfect time to get out of our homes and explore the city with rekindled enthusiasm. From long strolls in Chandini Chowk to finding a turtle at the zoo! We’ve had quite a crazy week, to put it simply.

Homely Diwali | There is nothing like lighting that candle with your entire family. Every family has their own way of celebrating Diwali, little things that make a difference— some play cards, some cook together or make rangolies. How did you celebrate your Diwali ?



Diwali Daze | The brightly lit gullies of Chandini Chowk, filled with colour, noise, and the freshness that comes with festivity lit up evermore this Diwali. These gullies made us fall in love with our city all over again.



A wedge off style | Strolling down our favourite Meherchand Market, we came across these gorgeous pair of wedges at Taramay.



{Almost} Qawwali at Nizamuddin | On account of Muharram, the Qawwali at Nizzamuddin was amiss this Thursday {they did have a short & sweet session of qawwals later in the evening though}. We missed the sound of the harmonium which blared from the dargah each Thursday, when the Nizami brothers sing with captivating energy. But even without the qawwali the ambience was surreal and the dargah as splendid as ever.



Shelved in memories | The musty smell of old books has always had a luring effect. They make you want to slow the pace of everything around you and indulge. Last week our editor visited a childhood haunt of her mother and her sisters—a dusty musty old bookstore which held a vault-full of memories.



Conversation across barriers | Bharatanatyam dancer Jyotsna Shourie from Delhi staged a dance ballet at IHC, tittled 'face to face' on Tuesday at IHC. The ballet brought Sita and Draupadi, two women who lived in two very different eras, together in form of a conversation between two epic texts.



Willy Gipsy | Spotting one of these beauties is a rare thing in Delhi. And this classic almost made our day. If only the owner was around to give us a spin!



Talking Turtles | Believe us or not, but while visiting the Delhi zoo last week, we stumbled upon this little turtle just snuggled amid the grass next to the road. We decided to call it RanDayal for the hour that it was with us, and then released in near a pond at the zoo.



Office candy time | For the times we get too lazy to get off our chairs, candy comes to the rescue. A load of random sweets for the inevitable sugar rush, much needed actually for procrastinating in front of the computer. Office candy time



A Korean joint called Simtur serves Soju— a distilled beverage from South Korea— in Pahadgunj. This is worth a try, for it is a more crisp version of vodka and I cant wait for the day when bars in Delhi begin to use this to make more mocktails.


Have a good weekend!