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This Week at LBB | All in the name of the job {almost}

Editors posted on 01 March

A great balance of work and play, this week turned out to be a visual and gastronomical treat. Theatre, design, culinary treats, history, and a little fun with technology, here's this week at LBBD.

Delhi Stall-worths | LBBD' s display stall at the US Embassy Mela, showcasing our handpicked guides and clubs.


Courier from Cal | Hello indulgence! Iconic chocolate boats arrived all the way from Flurry's, Kolkata.


The Jodhpur Jaunt | Soaked in some traditional Rajasthani Hospitality and food, while we kicked back in Jodhpur's iconic Umaid Bhawan. What we didn't know: it's amongst the largest private residences in the world and is the formal residence of the erstwhile Jodhpur Royal family.


Many a true word, is spoken by a Jolly Jester | Discovered the incredible designs Jolly Jester is doing. To shop online, click here.


Word | Couldn't help but regram over and over, and over again. Definitely trending for at least one of our staffers.


Play things | Almost front row at Epic Shit Entertainment's laugh riot: Birdie Num Num.


More momos | Taking our own advice and sampling the Tandoori Chicken momos from our Street Food Guide. Have your pick here.

so we did…

Since we devoured the TC momos, we went against tradition and ordered the Tingmo at Yeti instead.


From Momos to Mandi | We aim to please all our senses. Soaking in the vintage visuals at a store in Haus Khas Village.