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This Week at LBB | A week well spent!

Editors posted on 14 March

We made the most of the last of the {bearable} sunshine, got crafty with our favorite bunch of kids and prepped for a massive long weekend! Also, we kept up with two resolutions from last week; we watched what we ate and where we spent. Okay, we definitely watched where we spent.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner | Signed up for the Nando’s loyalty program this week. Watch this space for all our free meals!


Fitness for the Full Figured | Found great inspiration in these yoga practicing figurines. They’ve made us vow to start prepping our bodies for the summer!

Yoga girls

Borderline Shopping Addicts | Went fabric hunting to Kinari bazaar, and bought all their borders instead.


Spot the Tri-color | Part 1 of our cafes with a view, we spotted the newly placed Indian flag in Central Park, from the terrace at Warehouse Café, Connaught Place.


Make Hay While the Weather Shines | Part 2 of our cafes with a view, catching the onset of dusk at Café 88 in Meherchand Market.

Cafe 88

Indian Holi-day | Gearing up for Holi on Monday!


A Shout Out to our Fans | We dabbled in a little arts and crafts with the kids at Ritinjali, at our sixth Get Crafty workshop, where we spent the day making paper fans.


It’s in the Bag | Look what we saw on our way out of lunch at Setz-the Judith Leiber store. PS: we stuck to only looking.


The Big Dessert Spread | Although we’ve sampled a fair few desserts around the capital, no one does it quite like Big Chill. We went with the Squidgy Mousse Cake!

Big Chill