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This Week at LBB | We went Camping, and to Mumbai and Back!

Editors posted on 26 October

This week, we took to the outdoors. Starting with a cycle trip around Lutyen's town, early morning runs and a city-style camp- we're getting set and doing all the things we love to during Delhi winters. There's too much to explore around town; forget being stuck indoors on BBM, Whatsapp, Viber and log in, step out Delhiwaalas.

# 1 Exploring Delhi on a Cycle, at 6.30 am! | LBBD+DBC joined forces and took to the streets on bikes for one spectacular tour of Delhi, by cycle. Lutyen's Delhi hasn't looked this surreal!



# 2 Friends of Music on a Sunday night | Awesome jam session at the end where a bunch of bands came together for an incredible fusion session.



# 3 We do not have a BB Pin | Another messaging service?! There's hardly any time to keep up with technology, let alone friends through 10 different communication channels. We're skipping BB, and sticking to trustee texts to get the job done. Even better- we're meeting people in person.



# 4 Camping for two | The weather's way too good to sit indoors and hide in air-conditioned rooms. We brought out the tent {have one handy, we're nifty like that}, got the dog {Buzo} out, and set out camping, city-style.

image1 copy


# 5 Driving ice-cream carts and other shenanigans | What's more fun than eating ice-cream? Driving around an ice-cream cart. Seriously. Who knows… next time you buy a mango-duet or choco-bar, it could be from one of us..

Ice Cream Cart


# 6 Oh, Hey Mumbai | We made a quick trip to Mumbai; amidst delving into the life and streets of the millenium city, we were introduced to this beautiful cafe+restaurant in Kala Godha called 'The Pantry'. It's a superb spot for breakfast- Delhi needs more places like this. Check out our Little Black Book for Mumbai here.

the pantry


# 7 Agrasen Ki Baoli | We made our way down the steps of Agrasen ki baoli- a step-well located off Hailey Road in Connaught Place. This place is a hidden zen-zone, a great escape from the noise and pace of city life.

Agarsen ki Baoli


# 8 Manu Chao comes to town | Though we caught his performance in Mumbai and not Delhi, we can only vouch for how mind-blowing this performer, singer extraordinaire would've been on Friday night, in town. He's got a mad energy about him, sings like a dream- and that him songs are in Spanish is the cherry on top.



# 9 6 am run at Humayun's Tomb is FUN | There's a slight nip in the air, a crisp breeze in the morning. Taking advantage of the best time of the year in Delhi, we dragged ourselves out of bed at 6 am for a run at Humayun's tomb. It's catharsis at its best.

Humayuns Tomb


# 10 Now watch this | Election's are coming up, and quite honestly, sometimes our apathy towards the system gets the best of us. We aren't the only ones- Russell Brand says out loud what the world is thinking. Watch this:


Enjoy the weekend, Delhiwaalas!