Somewhere between fast food and slow food, there lies an uncertain zone relating to culinary speed that can either go wrong or actually quite alright. Now we don’t know our U.S. imported ‘burger & fries’ chains too well from one another; one of our first experiences with the genre came with school birthday parties when a certain fast-food giant starting clowning around in India. We can only say, if we were to choose a venue for exactly such an occasion in present times, Wendy’s ain’t too shabby at all.

To begin with, we love that it’s table service. The food comes quick enough but we like that we’re not carrying it on wobbly trays back to our table, and we can get our burger-game-face on while the food is prepped and served.

It’s also a fairly good-looking place to spend your time. The mint green exposed brick wall stands opposite a concrete brushed one, with modern metal accents and hand-painted wooden tables.

Of course the looming question in the room is what Wendy’s does if it doesn’t do beef; it being of ‘Where’s the beef? fame. From the crowds queuing up in the intolerable Delhi heat, we take it that nobody seems to mind. The mutton and chicken options seem to suffice, and in further good news, there is an option with proper rashes of bacon. Luckily the meat doesn’t come batter covered and deep fried; most of the non-vegetarian options come grilled.

The emphasis on amping up core ingredients is high. There is a special sauce made with Ghost Chillies from Nagaland, which goes to show how the international chain is taking local context quite seriously. The mushooms in the mushroom patty and the spinach in the spinach & corn patty are palpable.

In our best moment, we found the fries frequently had the potato skin on, with visible crystals of glistening sea salt. It’s a nice little visual reminder that our meal isn’t processed and we don’t have to fear the over-saltiness we associate with the bottom of a bag of chips.

But what’s all this burger fuss unless you got buns, hun? The buns, we’re happy to note, had individual character. With toasted sesame seeds or with a subtle sprinkling of red chillies, not all bread has been created equal.

For your healthy lunch or dinner companions {more power to you}, there are a couple of salad options and baked potatoes as well. P.S. We’d get those with bacon and cheese, but that’s just us.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

The international chain Wendy’s arrives in India, bang in the midst of our most popular sector in Gurgaon, with a fair spread of burgers, covering chicken, mutton and bacon, as well as more than just aloo for vegetarian diners. With table service, the meal feels quick but not rushed; the experience is no-fuss but with just enough fuss, and comes with a side of non-processed fries.

Where: Ground Floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon

For more information: Click here

Prices: Veggie burgers range from INR 59 to INR 139. Non-veg burgers start at INR 79 to INR 179. Meal options with fries and a drink also included.