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Strike A Pose This Women's Day

Namrata posted on 5th March

By Namrata Juneja

With Women's Day just around the corner, contemporary dancers Nikita Maheshwary and Riya Mandal have decided to take an issue that is largely relevant in our lives and shine a bright, hard-to-ignore spotlight on it. The question they're posing is, 'What is the ideal way for a woman to behave?'

Mighty significant, if you ask us, especially since there are far too many controversial opinions floating around about the very same. The plan is simple- this Women's Day {that's 8th March, 2015} they plan to hit two of south Delhi's hottest spots, decked out in Indian attire and strike a pose. Yes, we're being literal. They're looking to make a statement, and along with any enthusiastic women that are interested in participating, they're going to freeze in one position for exactly five minutes and the two minutes that follow, they'll shift from one pose to another. It's a movement-based presentation and the sole purpose is to get people talking about the absurdity of the boundaries posed on the women in our society. Using the city's hotspots as backdrops for their performance is essentially to promote mass awareness; to get people thinking.

They've thrown this open to anyone who's interested. All you have to do is fish out an Indian outfit from your wardrobe and show up. It's that simple. Of course, if you just want to watch and interact with them, you're still welcome to turn up and add to the conversation.

When: 8th Mar, Select City Walk Mall- 5.15pm-5.22pm, Hauz Khas Village - 7.30pm-7.37 pm

Where: Select Citywalk Saket {Atrium} and Hauz Khas Village {main road}

Find out more, here.

Image source: Originally drawn by Furqan Jawed