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What the Truck: Delhi's Air Pollution Situation Worsens

Aditya posted on 08 December

In a breaking news story done by The Indian Express, interviews with truck drivers driving through Delhi at night has revealed disturbing information.

34 of 50 drivers interviewed admitted to having not conducted pollution checks on their trucks in over two years, and about half said their vehicle was over 15 years old! Staffers at checkpoints estimate over 80,000 trucks {a truly terrifying number} travel through Delhi between 8pm to 6am.

These trucks, running on a money saving mix of diesel and kerosene, are forced to travel through our city because the two expressways intended to keep them away from Delhi are either under construction, or still in the planning stage.

The in-depth research of the article revealed the lack of police officers to check the trucks and the usage of false documents and other shortcuts to cheat the system.

To find out more about the causes, effects and who should be doing more about this honestly ridiculous situation, read the Indian Express article here.

Feature image courtesy: Manoj Sharma