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Affordable Customised Furniture, Made In A Faraway Faridabad Factory

    What Makes It Awesome

    So let me start by saying that for someone who has a job and doesn't have the luxury of going back and forth on Whatsapp, 'working' with Nikhil oscillates from being a breeze to being irritating. That said, I got the most stunning, delivered to brief and drawing dining table and chairs for six people (pictured). How does it work? I got his recommendation from Drishty Vaswani {who does interior design, graphics}, whose help I took to coordinate with him. I sent her references of what I wanted. She kindly provided me with drawings {all specifications included}, which went to Nikhil to deliver on. It took him a little over two weeks to send the furniture to me {partly my fault because I provided him with the upholstery for the chairs a little late in the day}. And the end result was awesome. The table {made of wood plus Indian marble} and chairs together cost me around INR 75,000, which is at least half the cost I was quoted by two furniture designers I got in touch with. It turned out to be almost the same as what Urban Ladder would cost; except infinitely better quality and finish, and 100% customized. Best part? All of this happened over WhatsApp, and without me having to visit his factory located in some corner of Faridabad.

    What Could Be Better?

    So Nikhil's primary business is the export of furniture; which explains why he's 'dheela' when it comes to coordination {doesn't always answer his phone or reply in time}. There are bound to be delays, so keep timelines in mind. But no complaints when it comes to his delivery.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    I'd highly recommend roping in a designer friend of yours to help out with the drawings and any other specifics that a lay person may not be able to explain. If you can {and if she has time}, work with Drishty Vaswani {9810836919}. She's awesome!