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Log Onto Whatspup For All Luxury Pet Accessories, Food & Services


    There’s another destination on the internet for all pet owners: Whatspup is your one-stop-shop for accessories, food, furniture, tags and even jewellery for your dogs and cats.

    Baller Collars & More

    Whatspup has curated a whole range of accessories for your pet {assuming your pet is not an iguana} including collars and leashes in bold colours, toys, muzzles, litter boxes, chains, bowls, and cages for those trying times when you have to transport your furry baby from one place to another.

    Moreover, they’ve also kept dog food and cat food from major brands like Pedigree, Royal Canin, Whiskas and Drools. So, you don’t need to drag yourself to your kiraana store and lug back kilos of chicken and rice pellets.

    For all the smelly cats {and dogs} out there, there’s a whole range of shampoo, sprays and dental care.

    Train, Groom,Walk

    The website also hooks you up with top-notch trainers, groomers, boarding facilities and even dog walkers, for when you’re on a time crunch.

    PS: A jewellery section is also coming soon, just in case your pet has a fancy soiree coming up.