Here's Everything You Need To Know About This Haunted Place In Jaisalmer

Kuldhara Village

What Makes It Awesome?

Kuldhara is the haunted village in Jaisalmer. It was established in the 13th Century, it was the village of Palliwal Brahimns. It was abandoned in nearly 19th century. It is believed haunted because of Jaisalmer's State Minister Salim Singh who was a very cruel person and many other reasons such as scarcity of water. There were approximately 600 houses with a population of 2000 people, which now is a Khandahar, except one temple which is still standing there. It is also said that Minister Salim Singh use to harass the Brahmins for paying huge amount of money in the form of Tax. It is said that the Minister had eyes on the Chief's Daughter, he asked the villagers to hand over the girl to him and gave one day to think about the same. The villagers because of his fear handed over the girl to him but out of this guilt, all the people in the village decided to leave the village. Because all the villagers left the place at once it became abandoned and the people who were left behind died because of drought, hence the village is deserted and gives a haunted feel. According to the survey of the Archeological Department, it is still believed that, if you stay there overnight then you might hear people walking, talking to each other and many more paranormal activities taking place. *People who are fascinated by spooky stories or interested in exploring any haunted places can head over to this place when in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

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Kuldhara Village