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#WhoIsArbo? Can You Guess Right?

Mary posted on 24 March

Technology is constantly evolving. And while we love the fact that it is a game changer in so many different ways, the strain of keeping ourself updated on all the technology trends can become quite a task. But when something unique or innovative happens, we have to sit up and take note.

And this time, we got our hands on this neat little video that has been made by Panasonic Smart Phones, titled, #WhoIsArbo. So while all the inside deets will be revealed on Mar 27 at their launch event, we decided to get our creative juices flowing, because like always, a good challenge is something that we really love.

So if you want to prove you are smarter than us {good luck with that}, we invite you to tell us #WhoIsArbo; because if you get it right the bragging rights are endless. But trust us, it is not easy as it looks.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below. Need any inspiration? This video might help.

This story is in partnership with Panasonic Smart Phones.