By Editors

As big animal and dog lovers, and just human beings, this story is close to our hearts. WildlifeSOS has devised an ingenious plan to help the burgeoning population of street dogs in the city, one which does not involve any euthanization.

They’ve created a unique animal conditioning program project, aimed at mitigating man animal conflict by using positive reinforcement and gentle conditioning to make community dogs more social. This project also involves vaccinating and neutering them to address public safety and health issues. What this ‘social conditioning’ does is turn the animals into assets. Since they are territorial creatures, they begin to treat the community in which they’re conditioned as their home, and inadvertently become watch or security dogs. Win win.

What this does, in turn, is make residents increasingly tolerant of their presence, therefore ensuring positive interaction. More over, the project will involve personal interaction with residents to address their concerns and deep-rooted fears and mind blocks. You know the once bitten, twice shy problem. Security guards for the community will also be sensitized alongside, to be able to adapt, tolerate and work in tandem towards making the community safer.

Phase 1 of the project will last 12 months, and is set to begin soon.

This entire process is devised on a scientific basis. With over 20 years of experience of working with animals, and a board of advisors with over 30 years of experience in animal behavior, they’re fully equipped to be able to turn this into a positive experience.

WildlifeSOS is happy to work with your neighborhood as well, to ensure your colony street dogs have good, happy and safe lives. Ironic, because that’s what they’re giving us.

Return the favour; email them at to contact them for the same workshop in your community.

Alternatively, reach out to them on Facebook here.