Rule The Rolls At Galleria Market Is Serving Lip-Smacking Kebabs & Rolls

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What Makes It Awesome

Rule the Roles is the maiden venture by the sons of the erstwhile Khan Chacha of the Khan Market hole-in-the-wall fame, where the family used to make kebabs, tikka and rolls using their heirloom recipes and expert know-how. We have all grown up eating the rolls in that alley which then exploded and grew to the franchised giant we know today.

Rule the Rolls, strives to bring back their golden days of fame with their signature kebabs and rolls. We tried the kakori kebab and the spicy chicken tikka, and the mutton tikka roll. The kakori is not your regular variety, rather a more seekh kebab version of it with a bite to it, but the pungency of the meat and subtle spices make it as unique as it is tasty. The spicy chicken tikka was perfectly cooked and the garlic notes in the marinade were a big hit.

It also does a great mint and yoghurt chutney with their meats, which as simple as it might sound, can be hard to get just right, so the patrons are happy munching onions and chutney while they wait for the prize.

What Could Be Better?

Their location puts them at a little disadvantage since it is one of the last shops in the market facing inward to the residential block, but where there is a will to kebab, there is a way.

Also, I'm not a fan of the name, which would probably be a reason you might walk past it the first time, but never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, an establishment by its name.

What's My Pro Tip?

To find the store, stand in front of Khan Chacha, don't walk in but turn left and around the corner, to see this small eatery on the left.

Anything Else?

The haleem was sold out for the day and was a miss for us, but we did not have the appetite to try the korma, but those are definitely on the list for the next trip we make to Gurgaon.

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