Ten Second Takeaway

Come Wednesdays and Qla has us tasting different wines and learning all the basics: From how to hold the glass, nosing the wine, taking dainty sips and recognising flavours.

Let the games begin 

Led by founder of iWine and Chief Wine Officer, Prateek Arora, the wine session begins with candid introductions of all the participants and a little about their experiences or tiffs with wine. Once this is out of the way, the bottles are uncorked and the vino is served. Although your first instinct may be to chug, we’d suggest taking it slow and listening to what the expert has to say.

Drinking lessons


We learned how to properly handle a wine glass, swirl it to create a mini whirlpool, stick our noses right into it to get the aroma {no, it’s not considered rude} and gently sip on the liquid and roll it around our tongues. They’ve got quite a few tricks up their sleeve for getting the flavours out {the most prominent one being to air the wine}. The session we went for was all about summer wines and included wonders including a Chilean Pinot Noir and an Italian sparkling wine but iWine’s going to be doing a different theme every time {call in advance and enquire}.

Apart from a few drinks {you can get refills}, how to sample your wine and the basic background of what you’re drinking, you also get to munch on the plat du jour by the chef, keeping in mind the wines being served at that point.

At INR 1,500 per head, we’re saying it’s not a bad deal at all, seeing how you’ll be showing off your know how and skills at the next social gathering you’re a part of.

Where: Qla, The Kila, 4 A Seven Style Mile, Kalka Das Marg, Near Qutab Minar, Mehrauli

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur

Contact: +91 8527098766

Price: INR 1,500 plus taxes for one

Timings: Every Wednesday, 8.30pm onwards

Find Qla on Facebook here and iWine here.