Try Baking Bad For Gourmet Pizza In The Middle Of The Night


Order from Baking Bad for late night pizza delivery. Tons of toppings and huge slices make it a great pizza option when you’re looking to feed many people.

What Makes It Awesome

Baking bad is the answer to all your late-night cravings. It's a pizza joint that let’s you OD on pizzas till 2am without compromising on taste (FYI they’re open till 4 AM!).

For those of us who feel extra hungry, their pizza sizes are enormous and just one slice of their largest size is big enough to feed your entire hunger-stricken squad (see 17.5 inches). What's even better is that you can make your own pizza and provide the specifications for your choice of size, crust, sauce and toppings.

We tried the Hot Spot and the gourmet Honey! It’s Bacon Pizzas. The Hot Spot came with hot sauce made in-house and was quite spicy and flavorful, while the Honey! It's Bacon was all about the delicious bacon and crunch of the peppers. We’ve also enjoyed their version of the pepperoni – The Boss {with sun-dried tomatoes} – and the gourmet Heisenberg, which is again, packed with toppings.

They're located in Malviya Nagar, GK 1 and Vasant Kunj, so South Delhi peeps, yay for you!

Where: Delivery only. Call or order online.

What Could Be Better

Their outlets are limited to South Delhi areas only. We would love it if they could expand to other parts of the city too.