Work, Earn, Travel, Repeat! In Your Quest For Adventure, These Sneakers Will Be The Perfect Sole-Mate

Vaishnavi posted on 29 March


We found the most heeling shoes ever, that will help you travel any distance in life! Vans has launched its innovative UtraRange collection and here’s why it needs an introduction.

From Desk To Dawn

Does travel motivate you to work hard, earn, save and take the next flight out? We feel ya! As comfort seeking creatures with an unending wanderlust, there’s got to be something that can tag along with us on our journeys for a comforting, stylish yet functional experience. And boy did we find something worth your time? The latest UltraRange shoes from Vans are lightweight, flexible and comfortable – kind of a sole-mate on our adventures. They very well may be called the perfect bridge between work-life balance.

In Style - Always

Whether you are going for a morning jog to get back to under 5% body fat, or running errands for a house-party to selecting a killer OOTD for the party itself, these shoes will never bite the fun out of life and have you pulling off a killer look every time. So, everyone who is living out of a suitcase, look no further. Forget about the hassle of carrying extra pair of footwear, irrespective of the terrain – city streets, boardwalks, or the mountains, and find your perfect pair now.

Explore More

If you are the kind of explorer we think you are, chances are that you already are in tune with your city. And by that we mean, you know the pulse of your city. You have walked the lengths of it to find a new experience. You have sat with locals and have seen the culture of the city from their eyes.  You have found new and secret gigs that no one knows about and that one stall that sells the ultimate afternoon lunch – marooned from the yellow pages, is your go-to place. And if all that is true, then you have to at least walk a mile in Vans before you look for something else. Find your pair here.
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