Workaholic Much? Try These Hacks to Stay Healthy

Editors posted on 21 July

We know that our super-hectic schedules don’t allow for much wiggle room and flexibility, but if a lifestyle change is what is needed, here are some useful hacks you could try. How else are you going to come closer to getting that fit body?

Fitness Band

An activity tracker that’s taken the world by storm, Fitbit is ideal if you’re dedicated to getting fit. They have various types, including a very fancy one designed by Tory Burch. The best part? This piece of wearable tech does a great job at keeping you motivated.

Check out FitBit products here and buy them on Amazon here.

Healthy Snacking

Instead of eating the usual unhealthy items for an evening snack, why not invest in healthy snacking habits? You can have them ordered home, or check out our list of healthy snacking options here.

Skipping Rope, Dumbbells… And Hula Hoops

A little equipment can take you pretty far. A skipping rope is an especially great option if your office or house has a terrace or balcony. Plus, it’s great cardio and burns a whole lot of calories. The embarrassment factor may be a little high here {who wants to see someone skipping in office?} but the rewards are well worth it. Ditto for dumbbells. The best part: These can be stashed safely in the bottom drawer of your desk.

Buy skipping ropes online here, dumbbells here, and Hoola Hoops from Allied Stores in Khan Market/any kids toy store.

*Greek Yoghurt

NESTLÉ’s Greek yoghurt, NESTLÉ a+ GREKYO, is low-fat, healthy indulgence, which means you won’t be reaching for those oily, greasy, fattening snacks at 5pm anymore.

PS: It’s approximately 106 calories. Win!

Buy GREKYO online here.

Invest In A Standing Desk

No jokes, standing desks will one day save the world! From what, you ask? For starters, from bad posture, allowing you a healthier, more active time at work. We got one at the LBB HQ customised for a few of our staffers, and it’s working swell for us.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer is definitely more expensive than a gym membership, but comes with its own set of benefits. First off, it provides a super-customised training routine, a diet plan and flexible timings, which is the closest you can get to someone following you around slapping food out of your hands. Check out our list of personal trainers who come home to you here.

*This story is in partnership with NESTLÉ a+ GREKYO.