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Staying Strong: Celebrating Survivors’ This World Cancer Day


This World Cancer Day, we are celebrating the fighting spirit of those who not only faced the illness head-on but also remained fearless. With Bertolli Olive Oil, we are honouring those survivors whose recipe to happiness was integral to them battling their disease. 

Pratibha Vedak

For Pratibha, it was simple: the things we fear the most have already happened to us. Pratibha was diagnosed with breast cancer at 66 years and the moment she got her diagnosis was when she decided she had to remain positive. The way she saw it, the only option she had was to fight and come out on the other side as a survivor. Pratibha then went  on to beat her cancer at age 71. Now cancer-free for 7 years, Pratibha’s recipe to happiness was her family’s constant support coupled with her fearlessness. 

Tejal Jagdish Jagtap

When Tejal learned that due to her diagnosis, not only would she not be returning to school but that it would be a long time till she’d be coming back home, her tears were instantaneous. Only 14 at the time of her diagnosis, whenever she felt like giving up, the one thing that kept her going was her mother. At 15, she now knows that if her cancer were to ever come back, she’d defeat it again and go on to fulfill her mother’s dream of seeing her become a renowned fashion designer. 

We would love to hear if you have a few stories to share, too, of those who've battled cancer. Comment below and introduce us to those brave hearts. 

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