By Namrata Juneja

Each culture is associated with a set of flavours; a certain palate is cultivated, so to speak. And from the onset of globalization, dishes from different parts of the world have been introduced to each other, and invariably, have been tweaked to suit the indigenous needs.

You know what we’re talking about; we’ve all had the chicken tikka pizzas and the Indian version of the shwarama. It is nice though, time and again, to experience authentic world cuisine; to taste how other cultures eat. This is what World Pizza Journey is going for, with their multi-cultural range of pizzas. They’ve got everything from the original Italian flavours, to the way America eats their pies, to Indian twists and even a few Asian options! The variety is mindboggling, and the pizzas are well-made and delicious.

Their space adds to the experience; they’ve got clean, bright interiors with solid bursts of colour here and there. There’s a bunch of quirky signs all over the place as well. Fun one-liners always make for good conversation starters. It’s inviting right from the entrance, and the staff is co-operative and always ready to serve with a smile.

They’ve taken one of the world’s favourite food, and created it for the whole world. Bon appetit.

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World Pizza Journey, as the name suggests, makes pizzas, from every part of the world. They do different flavours, all as authentic as you’d expect, and look to give you a taste of another culture. We’re digging the Mediterranean range, served with hummus.

Where: 26, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Price for two: INR 1100 {approx.}

Contact: +91 8130355002

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