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Explore India With This Travel Company That’s The First To Hire Visually Impaired Staff


Khaas Travels is the only travel company that lets a trained, super-accommodating bunch of visually impaired folks to plan your vacations. No matter where in India you’re headed, what your budget is or who you wish to take off with, they’ll take everything into account and work out a holiday itinerary. 

Special, Sustainable & Surreal

In the midst of all the chaos and selfishness, we need but one act of goodness to undo everything. One such news that made our day has been this new travel venture that wants to empower the visually-impaired to make a living. “Instead of an NGO, I wanted to have an office space where the blind, the acid attack surviors or HIV positive… basically everyone who could do with that extra bit of care that the society can’t provide can come and work,” said Aakash, the one-man army that runs the show at Khaas. 

For now, the team is small {but super talented} and they’re focusing on vacations across India. As they grow and Akash forms a team of acid attack survivors to chip in, they are keen on going international. Currently though, Himachal and Uttrakhand are their areas of expertise.

More good news: They are literally helping every kind of traveller who comes their way: School staff organising excursions, couples looking for honeymoon destinations, adventure-loving group of school friends and even big families hoping to make every long weekend count.

Give Humanity A Chance?

Because we’re really bad at paperwork and planning, our vacations are shrouded in mystery – we never know if we’re going to get lush Kinnaur apples or a landslide. So, we’d gladly outsource our next vacation to Khaas. It’ll help us get everything in order and that warm feeling from knowing that the trip’s been planned by someone who loves and values their job.

We’re also kicked that it’d help Aakash accomplish his mission. He tells us that India has the highest visually-impaired population in the world right now but by 2020, he intends on making India the country with the maximum number of blind people with jobs. If we can help make this happen and also get some downtime at a beautiful Himachal homestay in the process, we’re taking it with both hands. Period.

So, We're Saying...

Yes, they’re struggling with the logistics a bit and they are still in the process of streamlining processes but there’s so much positivity here that maybe you’ll be kind enough to roll with it anyway. Right?

Read all about them here.