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Yoga, Wine & Trampolining: Hammade's Art Is All About A Very Chill Rabbit Living Its Best Life

What Makes It Awesome

I saw Hammade's art in a furniture store in London, and immediately fell in love. Hammade is an art line that was established in 2011. It features the daily activities of a rabbit living a very full life. Mr rabbit does yoga, goes swimming, jumps on a trampoline, goes wine tasting, and has a hundred other adventures which are beautiful in their mundanity and super simple in their depiction. Also, he's just plain adorable. You can get this art in a variety of products, ranging from greeting cards to massive art prints you can hang on the wall. I think these would really perk up an empty wall without looking excessive. If you're on a budget, then frame and hang a bunch of the greeting cards instead! At three pounds each, they're a steal.

What Could Be Better?

I wish they had a better shipping option on their website. They do ship to India but you'll have to email the artist {} to discuss delivery. Normal postage charges should apply.

What's My Pro Tip?

The artist has a lot of other beautiful minimalist work, so take your time browsing the website!