You Gotta These Delicious Malaysian Laksa and Thukpa Momos From This Outlet

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What MakeS It Awesome?

Taking the love of Momos to a new level, Momo King is finally here. Being a momos lover, I loved their preparation. Their momos are cooked in the traditional way using native Himalayan herbs which makes them juicy and fresh. They have been dishing out delectable Himalayan delicacies for the food lovers with an extensive range of authentic momos and other delicacies from Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal and Ladakh.

They have recently launched their all-new healthy range of steamy delights for health freaks.

1. Vegan momos- These are nut-free and soy-free delights available in the exotic veg filling of beetroot, spinach, mushrooms and corn.
2. Gluten-free momos- These are potato starch dumplings which can be relished in both veg and non-veg varieties.
3. Whole wheat momos- I would love to recommend their garlic and cheese momos which are 100% atta momos.
4. Thukpa momos- These are my absolute favourite from their new menu. These momos are healthy and nutritious served with flavorful Tibetan soup.
5. Malaysian Laksa momo- Rich and spicy coconut curry broth with momos immersed in it- simply divine for the tastebuds! It is worth trying.

Special mention about the new menu that these new varieties have no MSG, no added colour and no preservatives.

You guys must try them once.

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