You'll Never Believe What These Newspaper Sculptures Are Really Made Up Of!


    What Makes It Awesome?

    On first glance, Kanta Kishore Moharana's sculpture would appear to be a rolled up Times of India perched on the table. Reach down to pick it up and it's heavier than it looks. These newspaper rolls and stacks are actually made up of MARBLE! The series consists of marble stone slabs that have been intricately carved into rolls and then painted on {by hand!} using permanent ink. In addition to the precision and realism in his work, Kanta Kishore addresses various social issues through the text he chooses. These include child labour, theft, terrorism, etc. that appear as headlines in his version of the newspaper.

    Apart from the newspaper rolls he also does sculptures of a flat newspaper surface with a bronze piece above it that is representational of the headline. For example, his piece that mentions a murder case features a bronze carved gun that sits on top of the newspaper. While one that talks about smoking features a bronze carved skull and another that talks about droughts feature empty bronze mugs and glasses.

    These sculptures would make for quirky and out-of-the-box pieces for your coffee tables and bar consoles!

    Anything Else?

    For more information on Kanta Kishore Moharana's work, check it out here - { }.