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Tell Us What Makes it to Your Little Black Book

Editors posted on 3rd June

We’d be nothing without our readers, just after our tech founder, and marketing head, and editor, and team of junior writers, and graphic designers, and business development peeps, and our trusted runner. But, our readers, there is a special place in our hearts reserved for you, yes, you.

And so we’d love to hear from you. Just this once, or however many times you want to get in touch. We need your help, and we trust you’ll extend a little helping hand. We’re on the hunt for a top grade, A class, quality tip, trick, tip-off or lead, and it can be ANYthing about the city. Think food, fashion, lifestyle, parks and recreation {#seewhatoneofusdidthere}, drinks, cocktails, ice creams, face packs, shoe studs, socks or night shirts. Whether your help brews A Grade beer, your neighbourhood entrepreneur does customized shoes, or your mother watches birds in a park, if you think it’s special, we know we will too. All you have to have is a legit reason for recommending it to us. Easy Peasy.

And since we know you’re a devout reader, we trust you’ll help us discover something new, and even if you don’t, two opinions are better than one.

All you have to do is fill up this form, give us basic details, and we’ll be on the hunt. You know why. Because we get by with a little help from our readers, and as for getting high, if you know some awesome places, don’t hesitate to send those in as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave us a tip!


All of us.