Favourites From Across The Globe At YWCA Kitchen

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Located in a peaceful corner of Parliament Street, YWCA Kitchen is small, but seldom crowded. The restaurant serves dishes spanning a wide variety of cuisines, making it an ideal place for spending long hours eating your way through their menu while you catch up with friends.

Must Eat

The appetisers range from the humble chicken momo to the Spanish gambas al ajillo {garlic shrimp}. The main courses too have a lot to offer: The koomu bhartad and the Shepherd’s Pie are done well, and the chef’s specials include north-eastern fare like Til Pork and Sungat Diya Misa Maas.

End with the Bong favourite pati shapta, or go for a cheesecake.

Must Drink

They do not have much to offer here, so a pot of coffee or tea would be the best option to accompany your meal.

What We Loved

The interiors, done in a sophisticated blue and white, are cosy and inviting. The menu is also a delight for groups with picky eaters who cannot decide on the same thing; the range of cuisines has something for every taste bud.

What Didn’t Impress Us

Service is on the slower side, so you might have to hold your patience till the food reaches the table.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

The restaurant is never too crowded at any point of the day, so a lunch or dinner works just as well as a quick stop for desserts.


If you find there’s a lull in the conversation, you can pick up a board game.


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