5 Beaches In South Goa That Deserve Your Time & Attention

Nupura posted on 26 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you have never made the effort to go and check out the beaches in South Goa, or maybe just been to the popular ones like Colva, Palolem or Benaulim, then it is definitely time to make that trip. Here, we tell you exactly which ones to explore to make that trip a truly memorable one. Do keep in mind that you will need your own set of wheels to get to these beaches, so hire that scooty now.

Cabo De Rama Beach

Cabo De Rama beach is the southernmost beach of Goa and rarely visited by anyone except a few locals. So it is perfect for that dip all by yourself, and you could even make a day picnic of it. Carry your own refreshments as there’s only one basic place called Mi Amor that we found to stay or eat at while here. Not to mention the Cabo De Rama Fort that can be seen up on the hill behind {and you should try and visit that too}. This beach is a bit rocky {the rocks appear and disappear with the tides}, but still pretty good for a swim. All in all, you will feel like Robinson Crusoe on your own private beach throughout the year.

Tourist Attractions

Cabo De Rama Beach, Canaguinim, Goa

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    Cola Beach

    Cola Beach is another beautiful spot along the coastline that you need to visit. Be prepared, though, for a small hike through the jungle by the cliff-side. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but totally worth it as once you clear the jungle, the beach starts emerging through it and what a sight it is. Not to mention, the beautiful lagoon that adds to the attraction, making you want to pitch a tent and spend your days here. There are two premium resorts that operate here if you want more luxurious accommodation.

    #LBBTip: Avoid this beach in the monsoons.

    Butterfly Beach

    The Butterfly Beach is another one of those that has absolutely no infrastructure on it, making it again a beautiful private space. Though on the mainland, it is only accessible by boat from the Palolem or Agonda beaches, making it a perfect spot to have that overnight camping trip or another private picnic {or even a romantic trip}. Make sure again that you carry all your own refreshments. Nestled between two hills with a thick jungle, this beach is like a cove with golden sands, the sunsets from here are just magnificent. They even do secret parties here occasionally, so you just might stumble upon one here. And of course, there are loads of butterflies here, hence the name.

    #LBBTip: This beach is not accessible during the rains.

    Tourist Attractions

    Butterfly Beach, Agonda, Goa

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      Galgibaga Beach

      The Galgibaga beach is another beautiful, white sand pristine beach, and is also one of the best places to watch the Oliver Ridley Turtles come to nest. So do not disturb their nesting period, but just watch the beauty of mother nature unfold. Be warned that the forest authorities do have someone here to ensure that their habitat is not disturbed. This one also has a lagoon along with multiple staying and eating options, so one can definitely even stay a weekend or more at this beach and just soak in the beauty all around. This beach is accessible throughout the year.

      Tourist Attractions

      Canacona, Goa

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        Agonda Beach

        Agonda Beach is another secret that has now been discovered, but it is still a beautiful beach nonetheless. Though it offers multiple options to eat and stay, it is still not as crowded and has a general susegaad or laid-back vibe. A great option to stay at for days, and while you are there one must definitely take a dip in the tiny lagoon that the beach offers. And for the party hearty peeps, they do have moonlit parties that take place nearby occasionally. But do remember here that all the beach resorts/ stays are pricey, and there are more economical options just a little away from the beach and though most places shut during the rains, one can still go visit the beach to watch the sea do it’s rain dance.

        Tourist Attractions

        Agonda, Goa

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          All of these beaches are pristine and a few of them have no garbage collection or such infrastructure. So if you carry any refreshments, please do remember to carry the garbage back with you.