Done Partying? Sleepy Goan Villages, Panjim's Latin Quarters & Local Cuisine Await You


What Makes It Awesome

There’s nothing like rowing across the charming creeks crossing the villages of Goa covered in mangroves and mist-laden meadows, adorned with old Portuguese homes. Enjoy nature at it’s tranquil best and carve some beautiful memories. Far from the civilization, some secluded islands in Goa with tiny populations are perhaps the most beautiful part of the state. You will be transported to a different Goa which is nothing like you’ve seen before. The quaint islands offer peaceful homestays, Portuguese villas, bars that serve some of the best Urak {a lighter version of Feni} and temples and churches.

What's My Pro Tip?

When the Portuguese were in Goa, they built palatial gorgeous houses that had an architecture that was different from anything ever seen before in India. These houses date back to a time long forgotten, and they're still in pristine condition. Explore them to get an idea of how the Portuguese used to live. Also, indulge in the local cuisine - fish, curry and rice - three words which describe the quintessential Goan cuisine. The long period of Portuguese rule has left an indelible influence on the original style of Goan cooking and this has led to an exotic mix of truly tasty and spicy cuisine. A walk along the old Latin quarters of Panjim would be quite relaxing. The road has heritage houses all throughout. You will feel being transported to the old times. Put a full stop on your end at a local bakery, where you can enjoy freshly baked Goa’s special Poi bread along with a cup of tea. Experience the real Goa by staying in a manner that the Goans live. Stay in a quaint Goan village where time goes at its own pace, and you will see a completely different side of Goa, nothing like what you’ve seen before.The sights of rural Goa are very rustic with old Portuguese style houses dotting the landscape. Walk on the rustic pathways, interact with the friendly locals, adore the serene ambience, relish sugary delights at the bakeries, admire the lush surroundings and more.

Anything Else?

Fort Aguada and Chapora are the most visited forts in Goa. While Chapora gots its fame due to Dil Chahta Hai, Fort Aguada became a popular attraction due to its easy accessibility, amazing views and the fact that it is well-preserved!