Movies In A Forest, Organic Meals & Open Huts: This Eco-Sanctuary Has It All


The Tribe

Agonda, Goa

HNO 440-K, MDR49, Gurukul, Agonda, Goa


What started out as an effort by a group of people to reclaim a small piece of forest in Agonda, is now a beautiful eco-sanctuary called The Tribe Goa. The bigger aim of this retreat is to help people enjoy a simpler and sustainable life in Goa. 

The Tribe Goa has brought together a diverse bunch of people consisting of environmentalists, musicians, nomads, teachers, inventors and more, from all across the world. Their philosophy is simple: We are all a part of nature and not separate from it, so if we harm the environment, we harm ourselves. In tune with this approach, they're seeking out natural methods of building, where people, animals, and plants can all co-exist in harmony. 

With this mission in mind, they found a neglected forest and started living in it. The bigger intention was bringing it back to life. They set about doing it by replanting local species of flora, growing their own food, nurturing medicinal plants and using minimal electricity or chemicals. They also got into rescuing wildlife, creating awareness in the surrounding villages about waste management and other environmental conservation methods. 

This year, their project has borne fruit and they have opened their doors to nature enthusiasts. Food made from fresh produce grown here, nice soulful music, and a night sky full of shimmering stars, is everything you can expect here. The folks here have opened a jungle cafe and an off-the-grid guest house for all weary city folks looking for solitude. They even have an outdoor music venue, as well as in-house workshops with an artist residency.


They have an outdoor movie theatre in the middle of the jungle!