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Cavala Has Moved! So We'll Be Going To Their New Place To Dance For A Bit

    This looks like the year of changes for Goa’s most popular bars and restaurants. In a recent FB post, we found out about our favourite Goan food and retro club, Cavala moving across the road while the older place gets a makeover. We’re glad that we’ll still be able to enjoy Cavala Fridays at their sister property, Banana Republic Cafe & Bar. This tropical-themed cafe does some crazy BBQs and of course, the menu will still have some Cavala classics like Choriz Pao, Pork Sorpotel and Goan chicken curry. There might be new teas too, we hear.

    As for the famous Cavala weekends, well, Fridays and Saturdays will have groovy live music nights as usual. You can follow them on FB for updates. Meanwhile, they’re open for brekkie till 11am and on Fridays till about 2am and Fridays around midnight (till the band’s performing) on Saturdays. So, yeah, our dancing plans are back on track and we’re seeing Cavala on the other side. Holler up at us if you’re around?

    P.S. Cavala folks tell us they’ll probably move back to the original spot across the road before the monsoons.