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Don't Buy! Stylewaali's Swap Lets You Exchange Clothes & Accessories With Other Folks



It’s not every day that you hear of a clothes swap; not one with no strings attached anyway! This is why we love Stylewaali’s new initiative that lets you get rid of stuff that you’re no longer into, for a wardrobe you actually like by exchanging clothes, accessories and more with conscious shoppers. 

What Makes It Awesome

Having launched on the World Environment Day, the Clothes Swap has seen two pop-ups so far, the first at Hideaway and the last one at Sadhana Dell ‘Arte (in association with Susang). Apart from the love that poured in from folks who have a problem of plenty (essentially all of us?), a lot of designers including the likes of Wendell Rodricks, People Tree, Stephany Dsouza and Malini Ramani came out in full support. To this effect, the designer guild even donated a few of their outfits to be swapped.

Typically, the rules differentiating swappables (clean, washed, ironed clothes, good-as-new accessories) and non-swappables (swimwear, ripped clothes and you get the drift) are laid down and shared on social media much before people are let in on the venue and dates of the event. The stuff everyone brings on the swap day is also screened closely by a quality control team. After the final selection of items is made at the venue, people are allowed to browse, swap and pick.

This isn’t as simple as it seems though. Before the swap begins, Stylewaali herself (or another expert) talks about the culture of hoarding and why we need less. Hopefully wiser after this insight, people tend to feel more giving and less tempted to exchange mindlessly. There’s also a 1:1 rule also in place because the idea is to reuse and declutter; this obviously gets defeated if people walk home with bags heavier than the ones they walked in with. The leftover clothes that don’t make it through the quality test are also given to charity. Sweet, right?

We don’t know about you but we’ve mentally started sorting through our clothes to pick out what we’re going to swap at the next pop-up. So, keep a lookout on social media for the news, perhaps?