Must-See: These Gorgeous 1,000-Foot High Waterfalls Are On The Edge Of Goa

What Is It?

Dudhsagar Waterfall is a gushing four-tiered waterfall at the edge of Goa which you must visit on your next trip. People may know as the beautiful one which appears in the movie Chennai Express, and also one through which a train track passes. But those are just ancillary things, here are the real reasons you should give it a visit.

Where Is It?

It is located on the border of Goa-Karnataka, near the Mandovi River. When we visited, we were residing in North Goa, and made a road trip of it traveling through Panjim, the capital city and to the hills.

What Is Unique About It?

When you reach the destination, you will find that a jeep will take you through shallow waters and rocky heights to get to the waterfall. Over there, you will be provided with life jackets {though there is no need to worry why}. Finally on reaching, you arrive at a lush and rocky area, where beautiful trees, huge canopies parting their way to allow a sliver of sunlight to stream in. You can hear the water but have to make a small trek to finally get there.

The waterfall is magnificent, and the water collected at its pool end is absolutely clear and cool. You can step in it {hence the life jacket} and swim around, float, try and make your way towards the part where the water is gushing down, and have the best time ever.

When Should I Go?

You can go any time, people usually suggest post monsoons, but we had visited in the summer heat of March and the water just cooled us down.

Anything Else?

Make sure you reach the destination well before 4pm, as around that time is usually when they take the last people up to the waterfall.