From Constellations To Circuits, This Brand's Got The Coolest T-Shirts In Town

What Makes It Awesome

If quirky and eccentric is your style statement, this label is just what you need in your closet! ETC, or Extra Tolerant Company as they are mischievously named, is a Goa-based label with some really funky unisex T-shirts. 

We first encountered the label at one of the pop-up flea markets in Goa, and their kooky design aesthetics immediately caught our attention. While their unisex T-shirts are the most popular, the label also makes umbrellas, bed sheets, blankets, socks and caps, all of which sport their signature style.

The brand is the brainchild of two artists — Jompi Ete, a designer from Arunachal who is the life-force behind the brand, the designs being her signature style, while Kunal based in Goa, handles the production and transforms the artworks into the final products. The designs are mostly based on matte, pastel shades of whites, dark blues, blacks, beige and greys on which the art — some of our favourites ones are ‘monkey business’, ‘eye of the tiger’, ‘the being collage’, ‘kali’ — stand out spectacularly.

Another thing we loved about the brand is that the clothes are not just fun to look at, the fabric is also organic cotton. The makers support fair trade practices and in fact even make the fabric from scratch using organic cotton yarn. In keeping with the same ethos of eco-friendly practices, their packaging comprises an off-white cotton bag with one of their flagship artworks on it, something that you can easily use as a casual cotton handbag.

The products are priced anywhere between INR 1,500 for the umbrellas, INR 2,000 for the tees and go up to about INR 5,000 for the blankets and bed sheets.


Great news if you are an artist/designer, and are looking to get your works printed on apparel — since they have figured the production process, in the pipeline is a platform for artists where all production will be handled by ETC. Great, innit? 

You can buy the products through their site or at one of the flea markets where they're exhibiting (they put the world out on social media).