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Exploring Parseltongue? Herpactive For Nature Walks & Snake Research

Rohit posted on 13 January


Goan herpetologist Nirmal Kulkarni conducts nature walks and workshops with an in-depth focus on snakes and reptile protection.

Why Should I Do This?

Looking for a different and interesting experience in Goa? Herpactive organises informational workshops, based on research on types of snakes, managing and handling snakes and snake bites, especially with a focus on reptile conservation. Knowledgeable, warm and friendly, Nirmal makes Herpactive walks an interesting and engaging session, full of facts and well-researched information.

Anything Else?

A one-of-a-kind experience, this one is for wildlife and nature enthusiasts and those who are curious to learn and research more about snakes and their condition in India. It is also a great platform to meet likeminded individuals, from different walks of life – including NGO’s, members of wildlife organisations, reptile conservationists amongst others.

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