Adventure Geeks, Plan A Visit To Cajueiro Homestead For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

What Makes It Awesome

I visited Cajueiro Homestead in August when the monsoons were packing up and the air was heavy and rich with the scent of wet soil. Cajueiro has something for everyone - it holds an ambience of peace for solitary travellers, is the perfect romantic getaway for couples and also promises oodles of outdoor fun for families. Since it is located on a cashew plantation, in summer, one can witness and help out with the cashew plucking {or not!} and watch how the fermentation process is carried out to produce Nero, Urrak and Feni. The best thing about the spot for all you adventure travellers is its proximity to the numerous trekking trails of Goa's hinterland and the allure of the mesmerising western ghats, that is considered to be a rich biodiversity hotspot. And because one cannot live on fresh air alone, the farm stay provides nourishing Goan meals made from ingredients found locally as part of its sustainable ecotourism and heritage tourism mission.