A Private Tree House, Butler & A Candlelight Dinner: We've Found The Perfect Romantic Spot In Goa


    While everyone is scrambling around to book that special table for a romantic date at a restaurant, you could have your own private celebration. How, you ask? Because nothing’s impossible in Goa. Read on to find out.

    Say Whaaat?

    The Alila Diwa hotel is a gorgeous property, and though not on the beach, the location is such that it is surrounded by greenery all over. Not to mention, the property itself is a green paradise and the perfect place to have a calm, serene time. And it’s best kept secret has to be the beautiful ‘Tree House’ that one can book for that perfect V-Day evening. Located in a cozy corner of the property, the tree house experience offers all that will earn you loads of brownie points. Starting from INR 20,000 per couple, they will beautifully decorate the tree house to add to the romance {a bouquet of flowers included}. A personal butler will be at call to ensure that you are well taken care. They will provide a docking station with some soft music, or you could even make a playlist for your sweetheart for a personal touch. A three-course meal will be served, which can be personalised according to your taste. The meal includes dessert as well as a heart shaped half kg chocolate or fruit cake. There will also be drinks. If you really want to splurge, then order a bottle of champagne along with strawberries. If this doesn’t get your special someone swooning, we don’t know what will. And did we tell you that you could book this special experience on pretty much any day of the year in case you forget V-Day and have to make up for it?

    Anything Else?

    Alila Diwa is also offering a Valentine’s Day stay package called the ‘Getaway Your Way’ starting from INR 17,000, which includes daily breakfast for two, hotel credits and much more. We think this is a great idea for any special occasion, so bookmark this one for sure.


    The Tree House candlelight dinner can be booked even if you are not a guest at their hotel. For more details check here.