Sea, Sand & Spice: You’re Goa-ing To Love This Bira 91’s Hot Stuff Episode With Rocky & Mayur

Bira posted on 31 October


Goa inspires a range of emotions in us – love, wanderlust and of course, hunger. From delicious food served in shacks to fine dining restaurants perched on cliffs, Goa has the best of seafood, curries and spicy dishes. And while you plan that vacay, take a virtual tour with Rocky and Mayur through the latest episode of Bira 91’s Hot Stuff. Make sure you bookmark these delicacies to have an unforgettable getaway!

Prawn Balchao

A fiery Goan preparation which is almost like a pickle, pair this with a bowl of steaming hot rice and fish curry and have a complete meal!With a bit of juicy, succulent prawns that is marinated in spices, with dry shrimps, vinegar, red chilies including the button chili that is indigenous to the region – add a kick to your meal with this speciality.

Ard Maas

We all love our dose of vindaloo dishes, but have you tried the Ard Mas? A bone curry made out of pork ribs, order this and enjoy a true taste of local cuisine! With marinated pork along with onions, tamarind water, and vinegar, this one has the right dose of button chili for a tangy bit of heaven.

Pork Sorpotel

Another beloved preparation, Goan Sorpotel is a beloved delicacy that pairs well with pao, hot chapatis or cocnut flavoured rice. A red meat curry that is wonderfully tangy and spicy at the same time, it is generally made using pork, but sometimes includes beef, mutton or chicken. The meat is marinated in vinegar and chillies and traditionally it is served with spongy, slightly sweet and steamed rice cakes.

Pomfret Recheado

The taste and aroma of the pomfret recheado will kept you to relocate to Goa! The Goan specialty of recheado masala comes from Portuguese cuisine and tastes terrific with pav, bread, roti or simply on its own!

We can never stop crushing on Goa, and definitely can’t get enough of the mouthwatering food by the seaside. With the cute as a button chili {heh, pun intended!}, pack in a range of flavour, taste and aroma and savour each sumptuous bite of Goan food. Watch episode 6 of Hot Stuff, as Rocky and Mayur take us on a culinary journey in the stunning landscape of Goa.

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