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Leave Palolem's Tourists Behind: Hit Up This Garden Cafe For Cake & Yoga


The Space in Palolem might be six-years-old but it wears the same familiar vibe that keeps people going back. It doubles up as a yoga centre and health cafe and is not yet on the radar of everyone who likes partying like mad in Palolem. So, it’s a serene oasis that envelops you in greenery and calm, far from the crowds (and gives you green salads, obviously). 

What Makes It Awesome

Therapy rooms, a wild garden, a yogashala, space for workshops, a shop and a deli… So much packed into this quaint South Goa house, and yet, it seems to have enough space for everything (and everyone). We got here in the morning and were lucky to soak in the sunny, positive vibes. Of course, we were also privy to all the yoga talk from the neighbouring table.

While the coffee (espresso and cafe frappe) and eggs (poached with spinach and garlic and scrambled with salmon) made their way into our stomachs, we realised how nice it was to be away from the crowds. We can tell you, the contentment that you feel after all the wholesome food, away from all the noise, is pretty rewarding after a few nights of bingeing on the beach.

By the way, their cakes are pretty spectacular, we hear. And if you’ve got a bigger appetite, attack their salads, sandwiches, juices, paninis, fruit bowls and other healthy grub.

All the good food aside, from movie screenings to dancing in the garden and meditation to sound healing, The Space has also got a whole spectrum of workshops related to health and wellbeing. They usually have yoga teachers allow people for drop-in yoga classes that are priced between INR 400–500 per class. Or, sign up for a one off counselling, chakra balancing, painting and conscious eating class when you’re staying around Palolem.

The deli attached to The Space is an extension of this lifestyle for it stocks up on organic foods including seeds, quinoa, energy bars, biscotti packets, bamboo rice, herbal teas and more.

The folks here even have a shop with three rooms dedicated to knick knacks that they either source from Rajasthan or from local designers. You can find clothes, yoga mats, stone jewellery, spiritual books, bags, bikinis and more. We, of course, got ourselves their loaf of brown bread and essential oils.

In all, we had a fruitful morning (in every sense). Don’t believe us? Well, go ask Kalki Koechlin… She’s been here and will gladly testify.

What Could Be Better

We’re sad that The Space shuts at 5:30pm so we can’t enjoy a candlelit dinner. Also, they close down May onwards every year to come back in October.


A good way to find out about their upcoming workshops is through their Facebook page.

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