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Get The Best Authentic Gelatos & Sorbets At This Joint That's Open All Year

What Is It?

Come rain, sunshine, day or night, we all scream for ice-cream they say, or in this case, we scream for gelatos. And Cream Choc in Anjuna, not only makes the freshest flavours in gelatos and sorbets, but they are open throughout the day and through the year.

Chown Down

The only man worth chasing in Goa is Mr Gelato, the brand that you may get at a few places across Goa, but it is their home store Cream Choc where you will find all their flavours. Freshly made with loads of seasonal flavours thrown in like mangoes, coconut and different kinds of berries. Their Madagascar Vanilla is delicious and full of real vanilla flavours thanks to the vanilla beans that they get-you guessed it- from Madagascar.

You can have it in a cup, or take a scoop or two in their delicious waffle cones and you’re sorted. Or then sit in their café, which has seating both indoor and outdoor seating, while you gaze upon the pretty chapel across the street. Our other favourites were the Salty Butter Caramel, The Panacotta Strawberry & The Lemon Cheesecake. Their Strawberry, Rasberry, Limon or Mango Sorbets are perfect for those that are not into as much into dairy. You could also mix all your favourite flavours, add a few fresh fruits and grab yourself that sundae. And a large scoop starts at INR 120 only, and you could even do a mixed scoop to get two flavours for the price of one.

So, We're Saying...

If Gelatos are your thing and you are not a big fan of the commercial brands, then we definitely recommend that you head here to indulge. We love that they stay open till until midnight, and start as early as 9am every day. Make sure you don’t miss this one on your next visit.


Only for the month of July 2018, they will be closed on Thursdays and open every day from 3 pm till midnight. For more details, go here.

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