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Dough Or Die: Have You Tried These Amazing Bakeries In Goa Yet?

There’s something charming about bakeries. The warm smell of bread, the background hiss from the coffee machine and sweet, sweet pastries that remind us of our childhood… And if you’re lucky, a sleepy dog and a store owner who’s always up for conversation. And in Goa, some of these become everyday breakfast/coffee spots and and an integral part of our vacation memories. No, how many of our favourite bakeries did you eat at on your last Goa trip?

Located in the picturesque and sleepy village of Loutolim, Jila is a family-run bakery and one of the best, vintage ones around. Regulars often call them up and stop over to pick up apple strudel, plum cakes and cookies. Their custard and chocolate-filled eclairs literally fly off the shelf. So, if you want a batch kept aside for you, you’d better call and intimate them.

This one’s loved by tourists simply because who can resist a fresh croissant and carrot cake after a morning swim at Anjuna or Calangute? The Anjuna one has an extensive menu so you don’t have to stop at chai/coffee and sandwiches if you don’t want to. The Candolim one, though, is the one we prefer because it’s small, their cold coffee and momo are amazing and of course, those heavenly cinnamon rolls refuse to leave our mind. 

This is a chain but a safe bet with its outlets spread across Mapusa, Porvorim, Panjim, Vasco, Ponda and other parts of Goa. Now whether you’re in the mood for a pizza or a sandwich or don’t know who to call for that uninvited chocolate pastry craving (yes, Cremeux delivers in some parts), this bakery’s got your back. Think of this more as a cafe than a conventional bakery but you’ll thank us when you find it on your way and you hop in for that blast of AC and good-looking cupcakes.

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