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Vodka Sorbet Or Portuguese Sweets: These Are The Must-Have Desserts In Goa

Goa seems to be bursting with people who are making some innovative, interesting as well as traditional Goan desserts. Here are our favourite ones.

Serradurra is a traditional Portuguese dessert, and is making a comeback of sorts. Not available everywhere, but if you know where to go looking then you will want it every day. Made with fresh cream and Milkmaid, which is whipped to perfection, then dusted with a crumble of Cashew nuts & Marie biscuits. The best ones so far we have found are at Maracas in Porvorim or then Bhatti Village.

Bebinca is another traditional Goan Portuguese dessert that is common and available pretty much everywhere. From super markets shelves to restaurants, to home makers, one can buy or order one easily. Best had a little warmed up and with a dollop of ice cream. Martin’s Corner or Viva Panjim serve homemade Bebinca that is definitely to die for.

What’s not to love about a fresh cream filled pastry topped with chocolate? And Jilla Bakery in Loutolim makes the perfect ones. Of course, go early as they tend to get sold out pretty early.


Churros are deep-fried, sprinkled with sugar and usually accompanied with a rich chocolate sauce: little sticks of heaven. Very common in Spain and Latin America, now they are even available in Goa courtesy Habanero.

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