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Here's Why You Need To Grab A Delicious Meal At This Cute Eatery In Panjim’s Historic Latin Quarter Of Fontainhas

Ten-Second Takeaway

Have you visited Fontainhas, the Historic Latin Quarter in Panjim, which is also the oldest in Asia? Then here is another reason, for you to make it happen on your next Goan sojourn. Why we say, well Ramen of course!

Tell Us More

So all you Ramen-lovers, Goa now has it on the menu at this cute and cozy restaurant called Mamaramma. Nestled in a charming old home, right next to the St. Sebastian Chapel in Fontainhas, this new eatery is all about the healthy food movement as their tagline says. Since all homes in Fontainhas are heritage structures, this one, too, beautifully presents the character of these old beautiful houses with it’s cute red trims on windows. Walk in, and you will notice that the restaurant has a very limited menu and seating.

Right off the bat, we called for the highly recommended Miso Buttered Prawns. The dish came with some bread, that we finished off the succulent prawns and licked off the buttery sauce within minutes. For the main course, we went with the ramen and ordered a big hot bowl of health and goodness. It was flavourful and had noodles, eggs, chicken, corn and other fresh veggies and herbs. Because we were greedy, we also got the Shrimp Curry with Rice which was tasty. Polish off the meal with a Miso Walnut Brownie, or the Black Sesame Panacotta, both of which will shock your tastebuds.

Anything Else?

If you like your tipple then you might be surprised, as no alcohol is served at this restaurant, but loads of fresh juices and other non-alcoholic drinks are on offer. It shuts down by 9pm, so it’s apt for early diners.

The prices are really economical so you can have a meal here and walk away full. The eatery is open throughout the year, check here for more details.

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