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Travelling With Expat Buddies? Give Them A Taste Of Goan Food At These Restaurants

Let’s face it- we all have expat buddies who make plans to visit us and want to do it all. From taking adventurous trips {Goa being on top of the list} to eating authentic food, they want to try it all. But honestly, there are some whose stomachs just can’t handle the spice, so we’ve decided to round up our favourite eateries in Goa that are perfect for the expat palette.

If you’re looking for Goan food that is not too spicy but is authentic, then head to Mum’s Kitchen in Panjim. Interestingly, it’s one of the few places that also offers ‘sannas’ {the Goan version of Idli} which your expat friends will definitely dig. Not to mention, the variety of other Goan dishes on the menu. Verandah restaurant in Fontainhas Panjim is another delightful restaurant where one can sit on the balcony to watch the pretty and colourful houses of the oldest Latin Quarter in Asia. Dig into the wonderful food there and make your friends try some feni too. Another place to check out is Soi in Candolim, which also offers some lovely Goan food and is a hop, skip and jump away from all the party hotspots in Candolim and Calangute. 7 Short 1 Long in Moira is definitely worth a visit for their lovely garden and verandah seating, some amazing sukke tisryo or rechaedo fried fish, or even their version of sorpotel called chickpotel {as they make it with chicken}.

If your friends love burgers and they just have to try our versions of it, especially some beef options, then Goa is definitely the place. Head to Salt N Pepper- a local favourite tucked away in the owner’s home in Vagator. This quaint little café serving large classic beef burgers which you could even have with the Goan ‘poi’ instead of the usual burger buns. For a great pulled pork burger, head to Ignia in the south for their lovely smoke-filled, barbeque pulled pork burgers. Add to it their sauce that is made in-house, some cheese, a fried egg and fries. Rocket Burger is another great spot for some mean burgers made with their in-house special rocket sauce. The space also has regular jam sessions and a good old hippie vibe. Lastly, we’re big fans of the crab burger at Cherry Tomato in Margao, which is a unique burger full of crabmeat {and their fish burger is great too}.

For some experimental or world cuisine, take your friends out to Mamaramma, the new southeast Asian restaurant that offers great food and a lovely Fontainhas experience. Housed in a heritage structure with limited seating, this is a great one especially for those expats that eat early {they shut by 9pm}. Bistro Bourbon Street is another great place for some cajun and creole cooking in Goa. Not to mention the great tunes and stories that Chef Sohan, also the owner, will have to tell about his years in Japan and America. For a lovely but hygienic food truck experience, head to Antojitos in Taleigaon, the food truck serving gourmet Mexican cuisine. Be it their burgers or other dishes, rest assured your expat friends will love the food and the experience. Zeebop, {now north & south Goa} is a fabulous option to catch a good sunset and eat some lovely food too, be it their yummy seafood or even your fix of Kebabs and Biryani.