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Our Hunt For Affordable Antique Furniture & Decor Ended At This Shop


Buddha Arts is one of the rare shops in Goa selling such a massive range of antiques collected from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Nepal and parts of South India, at such decent prices. No wonder, despite it being so huge, it gets packed with shoppers during the peak season.

What Makes It Awesome

If you’re staying long enough in Goa, or have moved here for good, chances are you’ll be looking at adding furniture to your house/workplace at some time. Be prepared to be shocked when you walk into secondhand shops selling gorgeous colonial furniture at insane prices. After having given up on those, a good chef let us in on Buddha Arts. He told us he’d been lucky to find bedside tables at INR 900 when he moved to Goa and we knew we had to make a trip.

Soon as we set foot inside this three-storey antique store, we were stunned at just how busy it was. Everything from tables, chairs, cupboards, artefacts, Buddha statues, mirrors, cabinets, chests, lamps, figurines and other home stuff was crammed together. So yes, its always going to be time consuming to sift through an enormous pile of things but what you’ll find will more than make up for the effort. 

To give you some perspective, we got ourselves a 6 feet tall antique wood cupboard in a beautiful teal colour for 20k and two muddha chairs for INR 1.5k each. So, there, affordable and gorgeous.

What Could Be Better

We’re told though that shipments with antique goods come every few days with Manjit often handpicking them. So, what you find here depends a lot on your luck.

Also, wish at some point they’d consider stocking up on vintage fabrics to do upholstery.


Make sure you discuss extra transport costs or the cost of manpower lugging stuff if your lift is too small to accommodate things you’re buying.

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